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The American Football Jets vs Colts: We Meet Again

Oooo, feels good, yeah...uh huh....

I like sports. I’m not a huge fan as far as watching them on t.v. (there’s always a Ghost Whisperer episode somewhere to watch, right?) but I keep my eye on things. A season of basketball or hockey might go by where I have watched a handful of games each. Baseball can be a different story as I am more interested in it.

But once the playoffs begin where my home team is a participant then my viewership goes way up!

That's a back-handed compliment..a tee a toe a tah!

But football, American football (for our foreign sexy readers), the NFL, is a different story. I want to and usual do watch every game of my hometown team. And I even like to watch games that feature other teams because in the NFL, anything can happen and each week, each game can have a profound impact on the rest of the league.

And so, this Saturday night, I will be watching the first round matchup of the New York Jets against the Indianapolis Colts. This is a re-match of last year’s AFC Championship, the game to decide who goes to the Super Bowl. I wrote about it then and found myself cheering for the Jets, to no avail. Luckily, with an onside kick to begin the second half, the Colts lost..phew!. So after much debate (although without getting the opinions of my colleague Cap’n Blackjack or Lush Here or Monkeyboy), I have discovered that I will once again be cheering on those New York Jets.

Goooo Jets!

Why, you ask? Well, to clarify, I want these two teams to beat the crap out of each other. I want them to beat each other up so much that whoever wins won’t want to play the next week and when they do, they will end up losing anyway.

But the reason I want the Jets to win can be summed up in two words: Peyton Manning.

I do not want to see Peyton Manning get his groove on and start flinging the ball around the field with spectacular results. Because that’s what happens. And the more he gets on a roll, the more he keeps his team in a game, no matter what the score is. No lead, whatsoever, is save when Peyton Manning is on the field.

I want the Colts to lose more than I want the Jets to win, even though a Jets victory means that they will be coming to Gillette Stadium. I think the Patriots can once again bulldoze Rex “Hog Fat” Ryan and his group of chumps. Sure, the Jets still scare me in the second round but I’d rather have that then know that the Colts are still alive.

Plus, if the Colts win, that means the Ravens would come to Foxboro (most likely) and I do not want to see that. The Ravens need to go to Pittsburgh so that those two teams can beat the crap out of each other.

And the only way that is going to happen is if the Jets win this Saturday night.

Go (gulp!) Jets.


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