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Rescued Island: Inuk

February 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Hey there.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – by Maggie Fox. Scientists have sequenced the DNA from four frozen hairs of a Greenlander who died 4,000 years ago in a study they say takes genetic technology into several new realms.


He had the genes for early hair loss, too. “Because we found quite a lot of hair from this guy, we presume he actually died quite young,” Willerslev* said.

You just had to shine your flashlight on that one tidbit of info, eh Maggie Fox?

Welcome back, Inuk. You and Ben Affleck can get to know each other. And if you want to go back to the glacier we dragged you out of, we understand.


*scientist dude.


Rescued Island: Ben Affleck

December 7, 2009 1 comment

Is my jaw square enough?

Congratulations Mr. Affleck! You had a rough spell there what with Bennifer and the gambling and the drinking and the “I am the number one Red Sox fan” thing (so annoying). You were in some really bad movies, as evident by your 7 Razzie nominations. Gigli!? Jersey Girl!? Armageddon?! You had that smug look down pat for a long time, sir.

Yep, that's the look.

But then something happened…quietly, almost unnoticeably. You stepped behind the camera. You stopped being annoying. And you made some quality stuff. Keep up the good work, Ben. And welcome back! But don’t get too comfortable.

Right back at you, big guy.


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