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Babies and Blogging Don’t Mix

I have a newborn daughter.  My first.  She’s fun.  She’s cool.  But she’s fussy and hungry.  ALWAYS hungry.  In other words, needy.  Very, very needy.  Which all sounds very similar to another short-lived aspect of my life:


Like little Audrey this site is fun and (hopefully) cool, but also very, very hungry.  And similar to an anvil hanging over one’s head, this blog hovers over me, reminding me to feed it with new posts.  You haven’t posted lately.  Maybe you should post something.  What are you going to post?  It’s been three days, where’s the post?  And so on.

Obviously there this word called “priorities”.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?  And if you have you know that BABY>BLOGGING.  That’s about as clear as John Travolta’s sexual orientation.  But still, since this isn’t just a personal endeavor (hello, Mr. Limejuiceboy), I feel a certain nagging need to keep typing.

I’ve already had to change my lifestyle for the wee one.  I can’t ride the exercise bike after work anymore.  Now I’m getting up to do it before work.  I can’t expect my wife to participate in the household chores all that much anymore.  More of those are my responsibility now.  The drinking and extracurriculars have also dropped significantly.  In other words…everything’s different.  And my life has been flipped a bit upside down.  (Please note, I’m not complaining.  For all the struggles, having a daughter is pretty damn cool.  It just makes my previous life much more difficult.)

So, what do I do about the blog?  When can I type?  Damned if I know.  Ask Audrey (but quietly, she’s sleeping right now).  I’m hoping that as she matures I’ll get more time in, but in the meantime, I’m going to have to squeeze these in.

Because babies and blogging don’t mix.  At least not very well.  But that won’t stop me from trying.

–Cap’n Dadjack

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